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We have developed an appropriate  systematic curriculum and syllabus for all the children based on their ability and intelligence. The children are classified as special education class 1 to 10 (Special education class 5 means that the child’s ability is approximately equal to a 5 year old normal child’s ability). For training the children’s “Madras Developmental Programming System” scale is followed. Every child is assessed and individual program planning is carried out. Children in special education class 1 to 3 are severe level children. Teachers give much importance in training them in self-care skills like eating, dressing, grooming and toileting and limited language skills. 

In special education class 4 to 6 the children are moderate level. They teach & concentrate only on self – care skills and basic academic skills like Reading, Writing, Number Concepts, Time concepts and Money concepts. They are also given training in language skills like Receptive and Expressive languages and in social skills.

In special education classes 7th to 10th the children are mostly mildly retarded. They are given training in Academic skills, Social skills, Community orientation etc. After the special education training they are able to read and write simple sentences and paragraphs and even do some simple sums and to handle money up to `. 10,000/- Then they are sent to Vocational Training classes. After the training so far 40% of the mild mentally retarded children have completed their special education class up to 10th and have been placed into society successfully. Another 30% of them have completed special education class up to 6th or 7th and been placed in a sheltered workshop setup. The last 30% of the children who have been partially or totally trained in self-care are to be placed in a life long care program under supervision.


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