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Early Identification and early training is very important for the development of special children. Special training is imparted to the children below 5 years. Upanayan scale is used for the assessment and their training. 5 children and their parents currently receive Early Intervention training. Physiotherapy support is also offered to this group.

Aims & Objectives :-

          The main aim of this project is to provide special education and vocational training under residential care for the differently abled children in order to help them to lead  “Normal “ or “Near Normal” life in the society

          The main components of special education are motor development, self care, accadamic, social Skills & Vocational training which enable them to go back to the normal society.


Our early intervention service has been supported since 2007 by the Sally Mair Trust (UK). Training, encouragement and some financial support is given to maintain this service which is provided free of charge. Referrals to our service come from pediatricians as well as local members of the community and by word of mouth from parents of pupils already attending the school.



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